Quality control technologies

The Rifimpress foundry ensures high quality standards on all products and thus, has constantly invested in machinery and technology which can guarantee the very best quality.

Our company can perform various quality checks using highly advanced technological tools which are not widespread in foundries.

The technology that Rifimpress uses for quality control includes the spectrometer, a tool that allows us to analyse the exact composition of the alloys and their components, thus guaranteeing their properties.

Our foundry also has an X-ray machine, that allows us to analyse with precision the micro and macro porosity of the oxides on unprocessed and machined pieces, as well as a thermal imaging camera. Thanks to the latter, Rifimpress can provide its customers with a service which records the temperatures on the moulds in production and thus, identifies any possible causes of metallisation, formation of cold joints and deformation of pieces during extraction, so that the processes can be controlled in order to make them more stable and efficient.