Engineering department

For a company like Refimpress that focuses on the customer and the quality of its products, the technical office is a key business area.

In fact, the technical office of Rifimpress is in charge of identifying the best equipment and technologies for the production of the required product, as well as indicating and suggesting to the customer the most suitable aluminum and magnesium alloys to achieve the desired quality.

To get a highly qualified product, the Rifimpress technical offices assist the customer through all the moments of designing a new mold and provide support through:

  • Co-design with customer designers to optimize jetting industry and prototype realization.
  • Mold Fill and Fill Solidification with ProCast software that allows you to define defects in advance and optimize equipment design
  • FMEA product and process analysis.
  • Internal equipment for mold maintenance and repair

Our team uses the ten-year experience of Mr. Antonio Mercuri, beside him Ing. Mag. Massimo Manzoli, who grew up in our industry, who has mastered the casting simulation technology and the entire production process.


Antonio Mercuri



Massimo Manzoli