About Us

Rifimpress S.r.l. is a die-casting company specialized in serial productions and in post-cast finishing (such as deburring, sandblasting, bursting and painting). In addition, our company is able to perform various types of treatments on die-cast products, such as heat treatment and impregnation.

Rifimpress mainly deals with structural melting in light alloys, in particular aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys, which takes care of the smallest details and operates a large number of controls to ensure its highest quality.

Our company is able to produce complete products by assisting customers from design to delivery of finished parts to optimize in qualitative and economic terms all phases.

The constant updating of technologies and plants to provide exclusive and competitive products has always been the goal of Rifimpress. For this reason, even in times of crisis, the company did not stop investing in product development and quality by pursuing a research project with the University of Bologna and acquiring new highly technological machinery such as the Idra Nox press with Vacural technology