Internal processing

After the die casting, the raw components are sent to the finishing department where different stages are performed based on the cycle agreed with the customer. Rifimpress has, in fact, all the capabilities needed to meet the finishing requirements requested by the customer; from simple shearing to the assembly of machined pieces and inspection of the finished product using pressure tightness tests with dedicated equipment.

The demand to produce increasingly high-performance pieces, which comply with increasingly tight tolerances, requires not only advanced skills in the field of mould design, but also knowledge and experience in adequately checking the integrity of the pieces.

This department has:

·      7 blanking machines of different ton weights;

·      2 sand blasting machines, one cluster hook type and one belt

·      Impregnation unit

·      Assembly work benches

·      3 tightness testing machines

·      Machine tools for creating holes and threads.