Special treatments

After the alloy has been melted and shaped in the mould, the product can undergo specific treatments which guarantee improved aesthetic and mechanical properties.

Rifimpress can carry out different treatments which are not commonly performed by all die casting foundries: heat treatment and impregnation treatment.

Heat treatment is a fundamental process to strengthen and harden the product. Rifimpress uses two specific furnaces with which it carries out the three main types of heat treatment:

·      T4: artificial ageing in the furnace at a specific temperature and length of time based on the type of alloy

·      T5: cooling in water of the raw component on-board the machine and artificial ageing

·      T6: complete temper, i.e. solution heat treatment of the component and artificial ageing

The complete T6 treatment is used on products made of primary aluminium alloys and allows us to obtain the same mechanical properties as those obtained by the gravity casting process whilst eliminating any aesthetic and geometric issues.

The impregnation treatment is used to eliminate superficial micro imperfections caused by microporosity which typically occur during the die-casting process. This allows the use of die-cast components in oleo hydraulics and gas dynamics where pressure tightness is essential.

The treatment is included in the processing cycle on request by the customer or is carried out to recover specific types of components.